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22.08.2012 / Rauno Merisalu

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Please note that Free Speech has been discontinued. Read new interesting posts at

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And endless task list is a sign of true happiness. Or would you rather spend the day riding waves?

Why the number of words matters or how to write good content for your GTD inbox?

And even a whole GTD system how to video series is available at

19.02.2012 / Rauno Merisalu

Why drinking is good for you?

Insight and creation go together hand in hand. Just as discipline and creativity go hand in hand. It requires a lot of work to keep creating. All of us have a little bit of a creator inside. And sometimes we need to squeeze that out.

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07.01.2012 / Rauno Merisalu

New posts on

New posts on

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I’m a poor judge of character and I hate your guts

How to get over the blank page syndrome or how to screw up any project?

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